Malmö, Västra Hamnen and our hotel

Malmö is a world destination packaged as a small city; all the advantages of a smaller town with easy transport links, short distances and a relaxed feel, but at the same time a world-class selection of culture, architecture, food and experiences. Right at the heart of Malmö you'll find Västra Hamnen, and in Västra Hamnen The More Hotel Västra Hamnen is waiting for you.

An Apartment Hotel with extra everything

Studio standard

Whether you are booking just for yourself, or for your family or a colleague; whether it's for one night or for a longer stay - it is equally important to us at The More Hotel Västra Hamnen that you have the stay that suits you and that provides the services you need. For those with no knowledge of Swedish society, the help of our reception staff can be invaluable. Let us take care of the everyday details.

Home comforts in hotel form


One challenge we face when away from home is, well… that we are just not at home. The More Hotel's trademark is that it feels a bit like a second home. You are always warmly welcomed to The More Hotel Västra Hamnen, an aparthotel you can call home, but with 5 star service.

Seaside calm but to the city’s beat

West harbor in Malmö, Sweden

Calm, but still with a city vibe? Yes! The More Hotel Västra Hamnen is in a peaceful location in Malmö's most modern neighbourhood, yet at the same time, close to all of the city's attractions in terms of culture, places to eat, shopping, sport and theatre experiences and transport links to take you easily further afield, like Copenhagen, for example. In addition, you have a low sandy beach in walking distance - what about a quick dip before breakfast?

The More Service Feeling

We go the extra mile. Here you will find a selection of our services. Try us out!


Our heart. Your stay should be the best possible. That’s just how it is.


Our breakfast buffet is served every morning in the restaurant along with freshly brewed coffee.


All guests enjoy free wi-fi at The More Hotel Västra Hamnen.


We offer limited parking places.

Relax & gym

Why not take the opportunity to enjoy a sauna or workout?


Do your washing in our laundry room or hand it in at reception for dry-cleaning.


Take your pet with you. It would be great if you could book in advance.

From sea and submarines to luxury living

Before, Västra Hamnen was just the sea. Soon the clamour of the shipbuilding yards grew and grew, and the sea receded as Kockums shipyard in Malmö was extended. The hard work, precision and focus on quality from the shipbuilders there was combined with the brightest engineering of its time; the result was the first class Svärdfisken submarine, which saw the light of day just as WW1 began, and which was to be loved by its crew and kept in use up until almost the start of WW2. After Svärdfisken, there came a long line of ships and submarines, putting Malmö on the map as a world-class ship shipyard.

But Malmö never stands still. Nowadays, it is home to people from 183 different countries. Malmö is Sweden's third-biggest city but it's the fastest-growing one. Almost half of its inhabitants are under 35 years old. The yard which once made its mark on the city is still clearly evident in Västra Hamnen, in Malmö and in its people's down-to-earth ways. Yet, visitors here get a world city in small city form. Culture and cuisine from all over the globe have come together here for your enjoyment.

The sea and the beach are ever-present in the midst of the city, with architecture from the city's oldest Gothic building from the 1100s to Västra Hamnen's gleaming promenade, skate park, swimming spots and surprisingly varied and innovative buildings, Turning Torso being one towering example.

The city has gone from the sweat and toil of the shipyard's engineering mastery to today's hub of knowledge and expertise; a magnet for international IT and games developers. A melting pot of hard work, pleasure and experiences.

Malmö has grown little by little over the decades, both as an experience and physically - out into Öresund, where Västra Hamnen grew up. Now Västra Hamnen and the More Hotel Västra Hamnen are a reflection of multifaceted Malmö; architectural gems, where the sea, the city and the rest of the world are all close at hand. With us, you can live in everyday luxury in the heart of Västra Hamnen – right by the very waters where the shipyard workers made ships and submarines from Malmö into a world-renowned quality brand.